It took a lot of time for me to muster of the courage to do this because I was scared that you all would kill me lol! Please go easy on me this is my first post and will probably be my only post. I hope I don't upset an admin or anyone else. Ok, these are just my observations about somethings I find questionable. I've been reading the blog post and people's theories for a long time and I've come got some questions. Ok, down to business:

This recent Decide chapter in the bleach manga really got the wheels in my head moving which got me to start putting others people's theories together in a way that made sense to me. Kubo is great at giving hints through-out the series that lets you know where/what the characters background/abilities are. Case in point Shinji appearing upside down,and backwards writing (hinted to Sakanade's abilities) so this is where my questions will come from.

Hogyoku: One thing that I found interesting was when Azien stated that the Hogyoku has the ability to make one's true desires come true. Well, during the SS arc when Ichigo went to Urahara for help to save Rukia from the SS and Ichigo asked, "was it possible?" Urahara's response was, "as long as you wish to save Rukia from the bottom of your heart then it is possible." Was the hogyoku, at the time inside Rukia, responsible for the outcome of SS arc? Did the "will" of the hogyoku fulfill Ichigo's wish? Was Kubo giving us a hint of the Hogyoku's abilities? It's very questionable to me. This brings me to my next question.

Urahara: That man is incredible. His awesomeness knows no bounds, well to me anyway. As we all know he is extremely smart and very cunning. Which, at times, can be a little scary and makes me question his intentions. Anyway, Urahara knows way more about the hogyoku than Azien does, I just believe that. It's implied that, although 100 years ago he may have not known much about it but has sense mastered it over time. He had it for 100 years, of course he mastered it. Azien is just on his god complex and just doesn't think Urahara did. Azien says that everything that has happened up until this chapter was either planned by him or he was aware of. But I think that Urahara knew or was aware of how this was all going to play out. In the TBtP arc after Yoruichi saved him and Tessai from Central 46 chambers she stated that, "she knew that Urahara had come up with many scenarios for the situation, since he knew something like that would happen." Which brings me to the questions. Since Urahara was one of the few aware of Aziens movements did he know what was going to happen up until now? Did he calculate what Azien was going to do? It's just when Urahara showed up to the battle in FKT he didn't seem surprised at all. We all know that Urahara knows way more than he lets on. To me, it seems that even though Urahara and the others appear to be being overpowered by Azien something tells me that it's all going to plan. Maybe this is a crack theory, but Urahara to me is just that kind of person. It seems like there is a bigger picture that Azien is just to cocky to see. I dunno?

Isshin: Now, it has been stated by a lot of people and somethings I agree with about him and others not so much. I really don't think that Isshin was the captain of squad 11, I just can't accept that. In the TBtP arc it wasn't said but was implied by the other captains's description of the squad 11 captain that it could be no one other than Zaraki. I may be wrong, but that's what I think. Now, Isshin could be a member of squad zero but to me more likely the former squad 10 captain. Hitsugaya has only been a captain for 20 years and in the TBtP arc squad 10 captain was killed in the line of duty. I think Isshin took over that position. I also agree with the theory that Isshin was a member of the Shiba clan. Ichigo, his sisters and Isshin all resemble members of the clan. I also think he was the reason that the Shiba clan lost their status. Isshin married Misaki who I believe was a quincy or of quincy relation. They fell in love, which was unforgivable (even if she was just a regular human it still was against SS law). She lost her powers so did he and was banned from the SS, changed his name etc... and this may have caused the Shiba clans downfall and also why people don't recognize the Kurosaki name. This also would explain the crosses on Kon and Ichigo's bed and also his relationship with Ryuken. It explains why Urahara and Yoruichi know Isshin. From what I've seen so far Yoruichi tended to be very friendly with the other noble houses. For example, her relationship with the Kuchiki family and how she knows Kukaku. To me it explains a lot and fills in a lot of holes. Anyway to the point: Is the getsuga and inherited ability? I really don't think that he and Ichigo share Zangetsu. I don't think Isshin is using shikai either. Ichigo stated that he learned the move from Zangetsu but to me Ichigo knows nothing of how the SS works and not enough about Zangetsu. Maybe Zangetsu just taught him how to use his (Ichigo) own ability that he inherited; does that sound crazy? The shiba clan symbol means flowing or running current...(I think). The noble houses all possess/have unique abilities. So if the Shiba clan was a former great noble family, besides fireworks maybe they have abilities to manipulate/change the form/current of sprit energy. Ganju and Kukaku have shown great skill in the manipulation of spirt energy, ex. Ganju's earth magic and Kukaku destroying her house with her bare hand, like she made a bomb out of spirt energy. This could explain the symbol and Isshin using getsuga (cause getsuga is really only a condensed blast of spirt energy). But this would only be if the theory of Isshin being apart of the Shiba clan holds up. It's really speculation and observations, we really won't know until we get the backstory on Isshin...can't wait. Still, what do you think about the getsuga and Isshin and Ichigo both having that ability?

Decide Chapter: Some hope that Azien will die at the end of this chapter. I don't really think that is likely to happen. Kubo has stated that there are some more arcs after this arc ends. It wouldn't make any sense to kill Azien in my opinion right now. The story is really developing now and after we get Isshin's story a lot more will make sense. Plus, are we forgetting someone? Unohana... and the other captains in Hueco Mundo? I don't think they are going to stay there, especially since they are popular characters. But Unohana is really someone to watch. She's more than likely healing people at the moment but I believe that she will have a bigger role to play. I read in an interview that Kubo is planning a battle for her. Is that true? Well, I hope so anyway. She is the 3rd most powerful captain and her speciality is kendo, people also fear her. We've seen her shikai but I don't think it's barley a scratch on the surface of what it can do. I don't think Kubo would drop all these hints are talk her up if he was going to use her to do nothing but heal. Maybe she won't play a role in this chapter, are do you think I'm just digging? Will she be have more of a role in an upcoming arc? Also Gin, he confuses me. Who's side is he really on? Yeah, I know it's Aziens', but could this just be an act? If he does die in this chapter oh well, but for some reason I don't think that? He is such a complex character that we know nothing about him and it bugs me. I know there are others, but don't you feel that he's apart of a bigger picture that we are just not seeing? Another thing, I don't think captains of Yamamoto, Kyoraku and Ukitake caliber would go down so easily. There is just so much more that they are able to do. Since the concept of squad zero and also Ryuken being introduced there is so many questions being left unanswered. I don't think Kubo would mention them if they didn't hava a bigger role to play. Which is why I believe Azien won't be killed yet.

I've got a lot more things that I could say and ask but I'll stop because it's getting kind of lengthy. I'm just really interested in others opinions. I've observed and went back and forth through the anime and manga to try to make sense of recent events in the story. I really hope I didn't violate the policy and upset anyone. These are just some observations I've made and things that I thought help me make sense of the story. I'm really interested in what you guys have to say.BU1898 22:53, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

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