488-489 passes without comment, HELLOO!

I have been visiting the wiki for the last week or two. Where is everyone? Has everything stopped? Are we no longer the greatest Bleach Wiki?? What is going on here?? 488 has gone by without much fanfare and we find out that these guys are Quincies indeed. Now We have 489 telling us that the attack is about to commence and that all of this is the Captain Commander's fault as he should have killed the man I believe is now the leader of the Vandenriech more than 1000 years ago. Meanwhile, Ichigo is squaring off against the Quincy force in Hueco Mundo. The Vandenriech leader is using this opportunity to occupy Soul Society immediately. I don't know, it seems for some reason they are very weary of Ichigo's power. Well, it seems like its about to get a bit thick. As always keep the comments clean......--BROTHER BAN-KAI 16:01, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

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