Well, its like I said a MILLION times before, "This is Kubo's world, we are just squirrels trying to get a nut..." Massive black reiatsu everywhere, Ichigo rises unfazed by the blow and Juhabach recieves some of the damage... He then admits after a realization overcomes him that it was a mistake to deal with Ichigo the way he has thus far. He then goes on to explain that "Blut Vene" is a memory that was awakened in the core of his soul. The place from where his reiatsu emanates and also returns to when he finishes using his power "absorbed" the remnants of Kirge's Quincy prison thereby "awaking" certain memories... Next, Juha drops the first bombshell informing Ichigo that Kirge's jail was made to supress the enemy, not a QUINCY) Ichigo gets that familiar look on his face, you know the "stuck on stupid" look with the question marks for eyes and screams "What are you talking about?! What do you mean 'memories' and what does this have to do with reiatsu?!" Then Juhabach completes the first revelation out of that big mouth of his and it is......wait for it...... "Oh that's right, you don't know about yourself.... You don't know about your own MOTHER!"

This further throws Ichigo into confusion. He then asks him to explain to which Juhabach replies that he will give him the answers he wants when he returns with him to Vandenreich. He then tells him that now, he must bring him back even if this means by force. But before he attacks, the shadow comes to grab him and return him to the Vandenreich base. He then remarks that Aizen must have somehow distorted his concept of time(which is going to make many Aizen fan-boys extremely and supremely happy as this may possibly mark his return) as we find out that he cannot stay outside the Shatten Bereich/Shadow Territory anymore. Juha asks Haschvald why he did not inform him about Aizen having done this if he knew, staring at him intensely. Afterwhich Juhabach simply turns and says to Haschvald, "Let's go." Ichigo tries to stop him only to have the unthinkable happen. As he goes to attach Juhabach, Haschvald simply cuts, CUTS BANKAI-MODE TENSA ZANGETSU IN HALF. IN HALF! (Who IS that guy?) Haven't seen anything like that since Byakuya did it to him to kick off the SS Arc. Finally, the second revelation drops like a bomb from Juhabach's mouth... After telling Ichigo that one day he would be back for him. He also tells him to go rest up and heal his wounds calling him "MY SON, BORN IN THE DARKNESS..."

Now, guys, please allow me to express myself with "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRGGGGGGGG!!!!" Whew! Okay. I'm good. For those who know, I TOLD YOU SO!!! Remember. As always keep the comments clean. Masaki. Thanks Kubo. Fantastic!!!--BROTHER BAN-KAI 10:39, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

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