Alright, I need to set something straight here. Apparently, we all regard Tite Kubo as a big fat pushover who can't kill any of his main characters. I mean, maybe this is true, but we're giving him less credit than he really deserves.

I should explain. The most I really do on this site is grammatical error fixing; I undo incorrect capitalization and I add periods and commas and such. Recently, I've gotten a little behind with Bleach. To make sure I knew what was going on, I went across and checked on the "Status" of all the characters. Imagine my surprise when I learned about Hinamori's "Incapacitated" status. I went and read The Breaking Glaciers through The Bite.

And that got me thinking... is she incapacitated? Why don't we just call her dead? She was stabbed through the chest, most likely through the heart. Shouldn't she die?

The answer is no, because Tite Kubo isn't going to kill her off. She's a good guy, and they don't die.

But Tia Harribel (note that I am not a big Harribel fan here) was slashed a few times and fell down. She's now considered "Deceased."

I'd like to remind you that Jushiro Ukitake was impaled through the chest and also fell down. He's simply "Incapacitated." In addition, Hiyori Sarugaki was sliced in half and has been in this status for who knows how long, since apparently Unohana and Ichigo were taking their sweet time going through that Garganta. Hiyori, too, is "Incapacitated."

I'm not saying we need to go over and state that Harribel is simply Incapacitated, or even that Hinamori, Ukitake and Hiyori are Deceased. I'm just saying that we're setting ourselves up. We always think that Tite Kubo's not going to actually kill off any of the good guys, they just get beaten around and have their arms chopped off. One of these days Kubo is going to throw us a curveball and kill off someone big and important, and we'll all be reeling. I don't know what I'm saying we should actually do other than stay aware of the fact that these people might not be "Incapacitated" forever.

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