I'm going to tentatively be running a blog that covers chapters on a week-by-week basis. As I've said before, there are umpteen such blogs floating around this wiki, some still active and most not, but in a possibly-futile attempt to differentiate myself from others, I'm going to be organizing my points into neat "pros" and "cons" sections. Hopefully this will help keep my thoughts organized and provide a better rundown of each chapter. Also, I'll be sticking random exclamation points at the end of my sentences for emphasis! This makes my blog seem fun and exciting! So here's the latest chapter, number 522: Love it!


+Nimaiya's somewhat interesting. His de trop personality and over-the-top presentation are cool, though this can easily become a con if he proves to be more style than substance as a character. His gratuitous English is also pretty fun to read.

+The "wrath of the zanpakuto" is appropriately creepy. Especially concerning is the fact that Ichigo and Renji now have to face it (it? Him/her? Them?) unarmed. There's a lot of potential for an interesting combat scene, or even a non-combat scene, in the pit that Ichigo and Renji are in.


-The troupe of busty female zanpakuto was ridiculous, especially following Kirio's "reveal" last week.

-Mera doesn't do much to distinguish herself from other "feisty" female characters like Hiyori, Riruka, and Shino. It seems to be an archetype that Kubo relies on too heavily.

-The chapter didn't reveal much. There was little actual substance to it, apart from Ichigo and Renji falling into the pit at the end. Most of it was spent in the Galaxy Hououen, which didn't interest me. The "formal introduction" thing was also overlong.

-More of a question than a true negative, but if Nimaiya is a member of the Royal Guard and has been assigned his own city to govern, why does he live in a shack?

Overall, 522 certainly wasn't a fantastic chapter, but there were some highlights to it, and Nimaiya's "wrath of the zanpakuto" has the potential to provide some cool developments further on. I'm generally more interested in what's happening in Soul Society than I am in Ichigo and Renji's Royal Palace exploits, though, and I'd rather focus on that or on Hueco Mundo than on more of the "training exercise" shtick the Royal Guard seem to be running our protagonists through.

If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them below! I'd love to get feedback and discuss the chapter with anyone who wants to contribute!! You can tell that I'm excited because I'm using so many exclamation points!!!

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