• AskinNakkLeVaar

    Here's the chapter about Shaz in the 13 blades fanbook novel.

    "Current location: the underground assembly hall

    Central 46 was in a precarious position. The 2nd attack by the Vandenreich - an empire created in the shadows of Seireitei - overturned Seireitei into Vandenreich itself. Such an invasion had been beyond the imagination of the Central 46 sages.

    In the previous war, a thousand years ago, the Quincies had never stepped into the Central 46 assembly hall and living quarters, hidden deep underground. Therefore, those places had escaped the corrosion by "shadows". That said, they were still powerless to a direct attack.

    Kyouraku had offered the services of the 1st Division, but Central 46, in their arrogance, turned down the offer because t…

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