So disappointing? - IRDK - Fake Karakura Town - Kubo really get us to think in FKT it will be the climaks - a big NO!!!

Okay just what happen in406 --- titled deicide7end of becoming a butterfly pulpa stage for Aizen --- okay great --- the fans are bleeding --- do Kubo deserved all the battering from all of you disappointed with all this --- I'd say come on --- relax!!!

Yeah some fans got it right where Aizen did explain he was in metamorphosis stage and now turning into a beautiful butterfly okay enuff - I am not fond of him. He with the Hogyoku are really f***ing strong indeed, he beat Urahara/Yoruichi and Isshin, but this not definitive yet. Maybe they are still holding out, they have not shown enuff to suggest they are figthing with their full capabitlities yet, well no bankai yet were shown right. So lets move on then>>>>>

What the hell is Gin doing with Ichigo - 'well that's the end of all the advice I've got for you' (what the f***)- is he trying to inspires him - f**k Gin - he is trying to f**k our mind - we are being mind f***ed by Gin - he was just about striking a blow towards Ichigo when Aizen showed up and saving his preys (f**k why must I said that) - thus asking Gin what he is trying to do with Ichigo and then Gin saying he was just testing Ichigo's strength - Aizen asked Gin to open the Senkaimon revealing his final form and telling Gin to not destroy the transportation barrier (just what the hell is this), and here we go the momentum is off tooooo the Real Karakura Town in Soul Society, Aizen then tells Gin he will create the Royal Key in Soul Society in order to bring down the Royal Palace and after some more babbling how he is so indebted to whoever it was he owes everything to (maybe to all of them fighting him in instances so that the metamorphosis is completed within a short period of time IDK) he told Ichigo he will eat him after he make the Key. What does this indicates though? Ichigo was the target afterall but at the same time he is not a pushover afterall you lot are getting disappointed with him only time will tells!!!

Wow new crack ideas please - wakakaka - okay anyway not allowed in this site it will surely gets deleted the admin will be angry - so Isshin gave us just a little hope - 'we're going to protect Karakura Town' - wow what a moment with all the madness happening around - I really appreciate with this one - what a delicate touch father son moment salute Kubo - just knew it - the moment when he told Ichigo that brings back the memories when he told Ichigo to live well age well and dies smiling - this is it friends and fans - Isshin will be going all out with Ichigo - there is no turning back - wooo hooo - brace for some awesomeness in Real Karakura Town in Soul Society.

Ps just knew it Isshin was some father afterall!!!

I know you all are disapointed even Aizen and Gin's fan, reading through their blogs and comments they are all disapoint let alone the other fans of the other characters especially Ichigo's. But I believe Kubo will show us the way just appreciate it while it does not last (what the hell I am trying to say here I am just babbling like Aizen too)

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