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  • Arrancarthevillainiam

    So disappointing? - IRDK - Fake Karakura Town - Kubo really get us to think in FKT it will be the climaks - a big NO!!!

    Okay just what happen in406 --- titled deicide7end of becoming a butterfly pulpa stage for Aizen --- okay great --- the fans are bleeding --- do Kubo deserved all the battering from all of you disappointed with all this --- I'd say come on --- relax!!!

    Yeah some fans got it right where Aizen did explain he was in metamorphosis stage and now turning into a beautiful butterfly okay enuff - I am not fond of him. He with the Hogyoku are really f***ing strong indeed, he beat Urahara/Yoruichi and Isshin, but this not definitive yet. Maybe they are still holding out, they have not shown enuff to suggest they are figthing with thei…

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  • Arrancarthevillainiam

    Damn - my recent blog been deleted but anyway - it is out of the world of Bleach - but apart from Urahara - who would you like to see manage that shop and why - and who do you least expect to see then?

    Me I be coming to the store if it is being run by Unohana and Kotetsu, with some help from Nemu Kurotsuchi and Lisa Yadomaru (but she is too cold), while Rangiku is too much.

    So states your claim people.

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  • Arrancarthevillainiam

    Okay got to be honest with you guys everywhere on bleach fan page and as much as i loved Ichigo (im not gay by the way) - I know this soooo lame but I really would like to see Unohana does bankai and woooooz away that aizen guy -

    anyway whos bankai you want to seee finishing out aizen and his sidekick apart from the one ud alredy seen --- ok ciao lo

    BANKAI grrrrrr

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