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    So what do we know of the pattern of inheriting skills from members of the same shinigami family so far? 1. Ichigo's zanpakuto (whatever it ends up being) bears a name similar to his father's, and he and Isshin are using the same technique - Getsuga Tenshou; 2. Kuchiki Ginrei's sealed zanpakutou looks similar to Kuchiki Byakuya's.

    I am sure there must be more than what I have here that you guys have spotted, that would throw some light on Bleach skill heredity. Any other shinigami families whose similar skills we are aware of (leaving aside the fact I can't really imagine what it means to be 'born' into a family in Soul Society where people go when they die :))?

    Also, going the other way around, can we say that shinigami with similar type z…

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  • Arachne sama

    This has been tormenting me for a while, so I thought I'd just bring it up: in chapter 500, page 10, Jidanbou suddenly attacks the Research and Development Department, next Rin, who was acting normal a second earlier talking to Ichigo, stabs Hiyosu. It is obvious they are not acting of their own will, but does anybody have a theory on who the guy controlling them might be, or at least what race? His leg can be seen here in the first slide of page 12 but does it look like Quincy uniform to you?

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