As we all have seen as of recent their has been many people upset with how Bleach has become recently. Same goes for Naruto and a few other series from Japan. What most people don't realize is that Tite Kubo is writing for his fans in Japan not the world. It ticks me off when people complain about his storytelling when he's not doing something they want. I mean if your mad he's getting more powers don't complain about it. Look at Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki has literally become a God-Mod in Manga form. He's got more powers then Ichigo amd it's annoying when people bitch about a new power. So if you don't like how Kubo's telling HIS story then don't read it. Then you can't complain anymore and that ends your stress. Other then that I'm enjoying Bleach to the fullest extent possible. It's better then Naruto because Both Villians can't die (One Phases through objects and Madara is Immortal). That's why Bleach will top Naruto soon since Naruto has been confirmed to be ending in less then Two years so Bleach and One Piece will be all that's left. (One Piece also needs to end as well because it's become too outrageous.) All in all Bleach will be ending probably within Five years and once it's finished I'm sure they will bring the Anime back to finish it out like Inuyasha Final Act. Until the end of the year I'm sure more info will be given about Ichigo's heritage so until it's all out don't start whining about his Mom being a Quincy or whatever she officially is. You can all complain after the Arc is over and the series is wrapped up.

Also as for comments you can say what you like it won't change a single thing I posted about.

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