I know many of the people here have either bought the game of heard that it exists. Well I'm going to let everyone know my review of the game in full right now. I did personally enjoy the fact that the game is now Ahead of both the English Dub and Manga in America (Perhaps this will spark Viz Media to give us a Bleach Speedup in the Manga like Naruto and One Piece had...and not a digital one but a physical one.) As for the gameplay its very fun to whip some Shinigami and Arrancar butt. The Story Mode is pretty fun but short. Most of the fun comes from Mission mode. Some specials in the game are the fact that the English Version actually kept Kokuto and Skull-Clad Ichigo from the Hell Chapter.

  • Spoiler Alert*

Kokuto is unlockable when you beat Mission 5.

Now the Soul Battle bit is pretty fun. I've killed most of my time on Missions but their just so fun. I really do hope that NIS America will work with Sony (Soul Ignition's Maker) will provide use with some Downloadable Content in the future like more Characters (21 Characters is a small amount compared to other Bleach Titles.) and more Story / Missions.

I rate this game an 8/10 mostly due to the fact I believe they could of gave more to the Story and more characters. I have hopes for future DLC so all I can do is pray it happens.

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