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    The Brats

    November 2, 2012 by Apocaylpse06

    As we all have seen as of recent their has been many people upset with how Bleach has become recently. Same goes for Naruto and a few other series from Japan. What most people don't realize is that Tite Kubo is writing for his fans in Japan not the world. It ticks me off when people complain about his storytelling when he's not doing something they want. I mean if your mad he's getting more powers don't complain about it. Look at Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki has literally become a God-Mod in Manga form. He's got more powers then Ichigo amd it's annoying when people bitch about a new power. So if you don't like how Kubo's telling HIS story then don't read it. Then you can't complain anymore and that ends your stress. Other then that I'm enjoying …

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    Bleach 480

    February 8, 2012 by Apocaylpse06

    I like that the new chapter is the final Arc. The Chapter however was disappointing as its not obvious that the Final Enemy is a group of Quincy (They were the only beings capable of Removing a Hollows Existence.) So Kubo already reveals the Enemy right off the bat. Also the colored picture with Ichigo kinda shows men in white...Another Quincy feature. So all in all its Quincy Vs. Shinigami but thats what I got from the intro to the new chapter.

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    Coyote Starrk / Lilynette Gingerbuck Trivia
    One of the Rare Natural Arrancar.
    Was part of the only Living person to have split their soul to form two new beings.
    The only person to use a gun for a weapon that was Canon.

    Baraggan Louisenbairn Trivia
    His crown was the only remaining thing after his death proving that it was made by someone and not apart of his body.

    Ulquiorra Cifer Trivia
    The only Arrancar to have a Second Stage to his Resurreccion.

    Aaroniero Arruruerie Trivia
    Has consumed 33,650 Hollows.

    Ggio Vega Trivia
    Was the only Arrancar to use his mask Fragment as a weapon (Projectile).
    The only person to use a Reverse-Grip when weilding his Zanpakuto.
    Was the First Arrancar to show a Second Form to a Resurreccion without it being considered a sec…

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    Aside from the fact Ichigo's Original Zanpakuto was Zangetsu. I now believe that the one he is now carrying is not Zangetsu as it was never stated if a Zanpakuto can change it's Shikai's form after Release. From what was seen in the last few Chapters (Isshin, Urahara and Rukia's Meet / Urahara and Isshin walking with the Glowing sword that stabbed Ichigo) These factor out to the possiblility that the Zanpakuto that Ichigo is weilding my be Engetsu (Isshin's Zanpakuto). This wouldn't surprise me since Engetsu could do Getsuga Tensho and from the knowledge Isshin has The Final Getsuga Tensho. (Hence why Isshin didn't have his powers for the last 20 years. If anyone else finds this odd please comment this with your opinion.

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    I know many of the people here have either bought the game of heard that it exists. Well I'm going to let everyone know my review of the game in full right now. I did personally enjoy the fact that the game is now Ahead of both the English Dub and Manga in America (Perhaps this will spark Viz Media to give us a Bleach Speedup in the Manga like Naruto and One Piece had...and not a digital one but a physical one.) As for the gameplay its very fun to whip some Shinigami and Arrancar butt. The Story Mode is pretty fun but short. Most of the fun comes from Mission mode. Some specials in the game are the fact that the English Version actually kept Kokuto and Skull-Clad Ichigo from the Hell Chapter.

    • Spoiler Alert*

    Kokuto is unlockable when you beat…

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