• Andrew2383
    This was an interesting chapter. Nice to see the often comical relationship between Rukia and Ichigo is still going strong as well as the serious bond between them. Ichigo (and Zangetsu's) new look is pretty awesome and the fact that Ichigo is in "Pwn mode" like he was against Aizen is also enjoyable. While it was nice to see Ichigo's other Friends/Allies from the Soul Society, I was disappointed that this wasn't the explaining kind of chapter I was actually hoping for. Still a good issue though. And of course I look forward to next weeks issue. Read more >
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    More random thoughts

    August 12, 2011 by Andrew2383
    I thought of 2 more things I'd like to see that'll never happen. Once again they involve Arrancar and Visored.

    1. Secret Task Force made up of the Visored (minus Ichigo of course).

    2. Arrancar Division.

    Of course like I said these two things will never come about.

    First off because of the strong Anti-Hollow viewpoint of the Shinigami anything Hollow related is strictly forbidden. The Visored still have Hollow powers so it's unlikely they'd be allowed back into the Soul Society much less reinstated even though they were a tremendous asset against Aizen and his forces.

    And while Arrancar are special and unique beings they're still technically Hollows so I doubt the Soul Society would want anything to do with them. Plus most Hollows/Arrancar have …

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    Nice little irony

    June 13, 2011 by Andrew2383
    I was reading the Bleach Wiki page on Bleach and noticed in the trivia the origin of the name of Bleach and the original concept for the series. When it mentioned that Rukia was originally going to wield a scythe I remembered back to Fade To Black and the fact that Rukia's alternate form Dark Rukia wielded a scythe. So in a round about way one of Kubo's original plans for Rukia came true...for about 10 minutes. Another nice little irony is the fact that Ashido was supposed to appear in the Manga but was dropped for time reasons. But the Anime used him in a brief side story. Sure it was to kill for more time so that the Manga could spit out more issues for the Anime to adapt, but the fact of the matter is he still made it in the story just … Read more >
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    I have to say that Hollowfied Shinigami with Resurreccións and Resurrección: Segunda Etapa are both concepts that have potential. However, both were introduced with little explanation as to their true nature, both were implied to be exclusive to the single characters who used them, and both were completely forgotten after their respective users deaths. Plus with current events (and the fact that Shinigami/Hollow hybrids of any kind are old news) it looks like it is unlikely they will be further explored. Such a waste. The possibilites are endless. New forms and abilities for both sides. Plus the battles in the Fake Karakura Town would have been a lot more interesting I'll say that much.

    The specific reasons I would've liked to see them is:


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