New chapter released, was a decent one. Appearances by Shunsui, Nanao, Jugram, Mayuri, and Cang Du this week, and the emergence of Urahara.

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So we start with Haschwalth staring at the First Division seal, apparently blocked from reaching Shunsui and Nanao by a barrier, which Nanao quickly explains was designed by her to block Quincy, so only for a short while. Nanao reveals she has high Kido prowess, and it was the main reason she was made Vice Captain. Makes sense, she hasn't been shown fighting with a sword or even revealed her Zanpakutou once.

Haschwalth rains on the parade by telling them that all the captains should have learned the technique, as then they would have been able to offer a good fight before dying. Instead, they are simply being executed. We see a burst of smoke and fire in the distance.

Buzz B has the Chibi-Captain on the run. He effortlessly cuts though his attacks with his flames until Toshiro lures him into a trap with ice mist. Buzz B evaporates the vapour with a Burning Stomp but Toshiro hits him with an ice trap. His moment of victory doesn't last long and Buzz B hits Toshiro with Two Burner Fingers, breaking his sword and searing though his robes and cutting him. Buzz B is the first Quincy victor in this battle so far! Before he can finish Toshiro Cang Du interrupts and wants to finish Toshiro himself.

Mayuri hears a report of Sui Feng and Toshiro both being defeated. Poor guy sighs and acknowledges he's the only man who can win without a bankai. Urahara calls him on the radio and says he can return their bankai.

Decent chapter, we got the conclusion of one fight, with Buzz B completely destroying Toshiro. Looks like the powers received from the Sacred Scripts can be pretty powerful, and we did see how Buzz B survived Yamamoto's flames. That pillar of fire he conjured was comparable to Eijisai's.

Seems like Sui Feng has been beaten too, they just haven't showed it. And it was nice to see Nanao finally do something.

Editor leaves the message that next chapter the Bankais might return. I have feeling Someone will pull Toshiro from danger (Ukitake?) and fight Cang Du and Buzz B on his own.

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