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  • Agate genbu

    After watching 302, I realized a very important thing. I know I may sound I'm just speculating but to put it in a more positive way, I'm just connecting the details.

    First, Isshin mentioned that Zangetsu and Engetsu won't teach Ichigo and him the FGT because of some reason. During Ichigo's transformation, TZ said that the thing he wanted to protect was Ichigo. And since Ichigo will lose his shinigami powers once he enters the FGT mode, TZ will lose Ichigo. That's why he doesn't want to teach it to Ichigo.

    Second. Since Isshin knew about this, I think it's safe to say that he either got the information from Engetsu (which I doubt) or he personally experienced it or used it. Now, if I'll go with the latter, I think that explains why Isshin los…

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  • Agate genbu

    It has been almost 30 chapters since we've seen Ukitake and Yamamoto and up until now they are nowhere to be found. Unohana or Kira MAY be treating Ukitake but they've been out of the picture for too long now. I know the focus of the story right now is Aizen versus the remaining able fighters but can't Kubo at least let us some glimpse as to where or what they are doing?

    Another thing is Kensei and Wonderweiss' battle. I've been wanting to see how Kensei's bankai works but until now Kubo hasn't shown anyone anything about it yet. And come to think of it, if they are fighting at the same time and place as the other captains are, how come they don't join in the fight or at least finish each other first then join in the fight. I've had enough …

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