One sentence summary:

Ichigo fights Juhabach and appears to get his butt handed to him, but is revealed to have used Blut Vene to survive a potentially fatal blow.

... ... ... ...




(Please excuse my language, I only wanted to use that pun since we have a page on the place >.<)


Ok sure, there's nothing that says that Ichigo can't simply channel his energy into his bloodstream, like the Quincy are doing. But still. He already has an ungodly level of power, and he already possessed three separate powers in his LIFE--Shinigami, Hollow, Fullbring. Might as well throw in the bit from Hell Chapter with him getting Skull Clad, how about. He can already blow away mansions; for argument's sake let's just amp it up to the mountains blown away in his fight against Aizen. His speed is already emphasized. HE CAN USE HADO 91: HIS LEFT HAND WHICH CAN APPARENTLY JUST CATCH TECHNIQUES OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND THROW THEM ASIDE WITHOUT HIM BATTING AN EYELASH.

The whole point of this rant?


Ichigo is already a Shinigami, and a Human. He also possessed Fullbring powers and Hollow powers at certain points in his life. We don't need him to be a Quincy as well. How about we just pour every possible power that exists in the Bleach Universe into Ichigo and let him use them all? For those of you who would criticize how I seem to be absolutely flaming Bleach, let me point out: it's going that way already. Quincy and Shinigami powers are complete opposites, as much of enemies as the races who use them. I have nothing about there being Quincy Shinigami hybrids, as I thought the idea would be cool, BUT I HAVE A HUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEE PROBLEM WITH ICHIGO, WHO HAS SO MUCH GOING FOR HIM ALREADY, TO BECOME EVEN MORE OF A GARY STU THAN I EVER THOUGHT WAS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I finish, sorry to anyone whom I may or may not have offended with this rant, because I am reaaaaalllly in a rage at this new chapter. Don't get me wrong; I love Bleach. But it's really taking a dip for the worse with Ichigo getting all of the World's Power and whatnot. It would have been better if Ichigo just showed up and found Soul Society COMPLETELY destroyed and he is left to cover the escape of the survivors; would've been more meaningful than him just god-moding everything and gaining the power to use Blut Vene. A story with a Gary Stu gets no fun after awhile; Bleach will be no exception, I predict.

Please respond below, and keep your comments clean. I hope you'll all be more level-headed than I was when I wrote out this rant.

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