Last year, come New Years I went around and said Happy New Year to all of the admins and P&S Committee members. I didn’t really know anyone back then, and I thought it would be polite.

This year, to put it plainly, is a little bit different. I now “know” (in the internet sense, anyway :P) a bunch of people here, including the Admins, God, Sun, and Lemurs. But I would also like to address everyone else whom I have conversed with here, and anyone else I have not. Thank you all for making my time on Bleach Wiki, however scarce it has become in recent months, an overall enjoyable experience. Thanks to all of you who remained (reasonably) polite and devoted to this online encyclopedia of ours, I am proud to call myself an editor of Bleach Wiki, and a member of its community. Remember, no matter whatever other people say, no matter how much another wiki might slander the way we do things here, this is our Wiki. What other people say does not matter; as long as we persevere, we will continue to edit and improve this wiki that is our pride and joy, and if people criticize us for our high standard of excellence, so what? Excellence is something to be proud of. Allow no one to take your pride away.

That being said, as I will be away from my computer for December 25, I wish you all, fellow Bleach Wikians, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, a Happy Kwanza, or whatever holidays it is you celebrate around this time of year, and a Happy New Year. Thank you.

(By the way, in case it shows up as Times New Roman up there ^, I had to type it in MS Word for awhile.)

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