Ok, I am quite convinced that an apocalypse did happen now. I come back to Bleach Wiki wishing everybody happy holidays...

...and discover that there's apparently been a massive riot about opinion disputes.




...seriously? What the Hell, people.

Ok, I'm obviously quite out of it, because this apparently was a really big issue. I even see that some people posted on 12-21-12, the fabled apocalypse, and those particular posts I found quite alarming.

What I got from these posts is that SOME people have been "bitching" about needing their opinions heard, and at the same time "bitching" about people that have different opinions posting those opinions.

Must I be reminded of the Puritans? (Freedom of religion...for us and us only?) Freedom of opinion is perfectly acceptable, and people are free to argue, but what I've been seeing lately has been far from "argument"; it's been more like bloody warfare. I'm going to update this blog post the more I read (which won't be soon since I'm on a ski trip on Christmas day), but right now all I can say is this:

Stop with the double standard. Enough with the one-sided freedoms. Be tolerant of ALL opinions, or get out. NOW.

To someone whom I may have offended with this post, I am sorry my friend. I have nothing against you, and I really do think of you as a friend. But things are getting absolutely ridiculous. If I must be blocked forever from blogging this, then do so; I shall walk away from this wiki saddened, and my belief in the apocalypse forever confirmed.

To all of you more somber and level-headed people out there,

Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year (when it rolls around).

Aeron Solo wuz here ~ You called?

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