First, I'm sorry if I have some really pathetic grammar mistakes. English isn't my native language, and I'm fourteen years old, which is some kind of a sure recipe for failure in English.

Second, I'm sorry, Godisme. I know that you did chapter reviews much, much before I even knew this wiki exist, but I hope you won't mind if I'll do reviews too. (If you do, please tell me and I'll stop.) I also aware to the fact that probably everyone can do a review about chapters, but you were the first one (and the only one, from what I know) that do it.

And now let's go on to the chapter of this week:

Rukia and Riruka's battle sure was interesting. I thought that the blowed up Sōkatsui spell was pretty much hilarious, I didn't see that coming but I thought that she would be able to do, even a tiny damage, with it. Also, I really liked Riruka's quote near the end of the chapter about the way they live and the 'laws of nature' and I can't wait for the next chapter to see how will she act. Seeing that Rukia seems to question her motives and the way she talks about herself and the others, I suppose it will be great. But, of course, there's always the chance that Riruka'll start brusting in tears and tell everything about her past, but it is really unusual Kubo'd be so obvious - He usually does the most unexpected things in Bleach, and you can rarely predict precisely what he'd do next time.

I hope to see Giriko's, Jackie's or Riruka's pasts soon. The only problem right now is the fact that both Giriko and Jackie are dead. As long as no one else will tell something about their own pasts and then gets to the point where they had met one of them both Giriko's and Jackie's pasts can stay in the dark for much longer, and I hope not. (Waiting for infomation about Isshin's past and more information on Ichigo's are more than enough for me right now.)

Ginjō's battle against Ishida and Ichigo was partly predictable (Even though it's rare, I still find it pretty weird). I thought that it was obvious that Ginjō knows to use a Getsuga Tenshō! What was so surprising about that? He said it himself - He has some of Ichigo's fullbring powers, which happened because he stabbed Ichigo with his sword which passed some of Ichigo's reiatsu and fullbring powers to his own body and later to Giriko, Jackie, Yukio and Riruka as well. If Ichigo could use a Getsuga Tenshō in Fullbring mode then why Ginjō, who got a pretty major part of Ichigo's fullbring powers, won't be able to use such an attack as well? This battle had some really interesting parts, but having more than 3 pages of completely terrified Ishida (and later Ichigo) was kind of useless... But necessary for understanding how come Ginjo did it.

Oh, that's right! Congratulations Ishida - You got a new Quincy bow (page 15). Seems nice. It looks like he trained in the 17-months-timeskip like Orihime and Chad, even though we haven't seen what Chad is capable of... Thinking of that, he probably won't have much opportunities any soon showing them off... Anyway, now that Ishida is fighting Ginjō with Ichigo in his side I think that it can be a great opportunity to see what he can do now, if he improved and got stronger in the meanwhile.

Thanks for reading so much and I hope you'll comment. It took me a while to write all of this down, but I was glad that I have where to write my opinions about this chapter, it sure was interesting to read it and it lead me to many conclusions about the future.

--Adi212 (talk) 19:04, October 27, 2011 (UTC)

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