• Adi212

    Well, I expected for more than one comment, but I thank any person who read (and the only person who commented) in the last post, and I hope some people will have time to comment here.

    Anyway, I don't know what to think about this chapter. Knowing more about Xcution's past is something that I think everyone had expected for in the last couple of chapters, but was all the cut pictures enough to satisfy needs of readers that had developed into something even bigger than that in the last few weeks ever since Xcution was known as enemies of Ichigo instead of allies?

    I really liked Yukio's and Jackie's flashbacks. More than the insane Giriko who killed his own wife, more than the weird Riruka who locked someone inside her own Fullbring only becau…

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  • Adi212

    First, I'm sorry if I have some really pathetic grammar mistakes. English isn't my native language, and I'm fourteen years old, which is some kind of a sure recipe for failure in English.

    Second, I'm sorry, Godisme. I know that you did chapter reviews much, much before I even knew this wiki exist, but I hope you won't mind if I'll do reviews too. (If you do, please tell me and I'll stop.) I also aware to the fact that probably everyone can do a review about chapters, but you were the first one (and the only one, from what I know) that do it.

    And now let's go on to the chapter of this week:

    Rukia and Riruka's battle sure was interesting. I thought that the blowed up Sōkatsui spell was pretty much hilarious, I didn't see that coming but I thoug…

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