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Yumichika's True Talents

22neji October 18, 2009 User blog:22neji

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I hope that Rur-iro Kujaku's true talents would be revealed and all of the Gotei 13 will know what kind of Zanpaktou Yumichika is hiding. If that doesn't happen Yumichika wouldn't be seen for who he really is and the Gotei 13 wouldn't know Yumichika's potential. If  they all know his Zanpaktou's true form they would all know Yumichika's strength.  (NOTICE!: Yumichika was able to defeat Hisagi Shuuhei when he released Rur-iro Kujaku (AND Hisagi Shuuhei is an LIEUTANANT!!!!!!)

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