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My First Reaction on Bleach

I first saw Bleach on my neighbor's house last year, I taught it's just an ordinary manga series cause, I'm not really into anime that much. I asked my friend what was it and she said that Ichigo kurosaki who is a teenager gifted with the ability to see spirits. His life suddenly changed when he saw Rukia kuchiki who was a "soul reaper". and started my addiction, I always watch Bleach ever since it hit's me so much that whenever, I go to the Internet I always watch what's happening to them what's the next episode' anything that is related to it. I also became one of the president on Bleach Fan Club and Fan Page here on the Philippines. Up until now, I still like very LIke Bleach, even if the ending is near, I will never ever forget Bleach what can, I say it's the greatest anime ever.

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