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Hello to all. I am Schiffy. As a member of the Policy and Standards Committee, I'm here very often. You can usually find me in chat, stalking RC, or creating redirects. I am also an administrator and buraeucrat on the Katawa Shoujo Wiki, as well as an administrator on the Cookie Clicker Wiki and the Pokémon Snakewood Wiki, and the Webmaster/domain owner of Le Wiki de la Grisaia.

God I want this thing so freaking badly. Or this.


  • Create some form of order in the approved section of the Inconsistency Project, possibly creating a separate page.
  • Create a blog post about source mode editing.
  • Optimize/Improve templates (all stars, division rosters, etc.)


Daisan'nome (第三の目, Third Eye) Description coming soon

  • Shikai: Its release command is "Open" (開き, hiraki). In its released state, the wielder is protected from all forms of illusions, and are only able to see what is actually around them, rather than what an opponent wants them to see.
Shikai Special Ability: Daisan'nome's abilities are primarily focused on manipulation of light and darkness to deceive the enemy.
  • Hikari no me (光の目, Eye of Light): This technique can bend light to create a multitude of illusions, ranging from allowing the user to appear invisible to creating intangible "clones" out of light rays.
  • Yami no me (闇の目, Eye of Darkness): This technique allows the wielder to hide within and move through the shadows. It is usable in any light level, but more effective when used on shadows appearing in the daytime or caused by artificial light.
  • Bankai: Mittsume no Kami (三つ目の神, Three-eyed god): In its Bankai state, Mittsume no Kami enhances the Shikai abilities of Daisan'nome, allowing for extended effects.
Bankai Special Ability:
  • Hikari no me: Or Kadosh (אור קודש) (光の目: 聖なる光 (オルカドシュ), Oru Kadoshu; Japanese/Hebrew combination of "Eye of Light: Holy Light"): Or Kadosh is an extension of Hikari no me. Where the Shikai form of Hikari no me can bend light to create illusions, Hikari no me: Or Kadosh can create tangible figures out of light, rather than mere illusions.
  • Yami no me: Hoshekh Nitz'khi (חושך נצחי) (闇の目: 永遠の闇 (ホシェクニツキ), Hosheku Nitsuki; Japanese/Hebrew combination of "Eye of Darkness: Eternal Darkness"): Hoshekh Nitz'khi is a reverse version of Yami no me. Where the Shikai form of Yami no me allows the wielder to hide among the shadows, Yami no me: Hoshekh Nitz'khi gives the wielder the ability to command the shadows around them, allowing them to take physical form to strike the enemy. Unlike the light figures created by Hikari no me: Or Kadosh, the shadows cannot be shaped into any kind of object, instead making them into sentient weapons loyal to the wielder of Mittsume no Kami.

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