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Uryū Ishida vs. Jugram Haschwalth
679Haschwalth prepares

Quincy Blood War


June 18th/June 19th


Royal Realm



Powers & Abilities
  • Reishi Blast
  • The Balance
  • Freund Schild
  • The Almighty (temporarily)
Damage Sustained/Casualties

Uryū is grievously wounded.

Haschwalth has his powers stolen.

Uryū Ishida vs. Jugram Haschwalth is a conflict which takes place during the Quincy Blood War. It focuses on Uryū Ishida's fight against the Grandmaster of the Sternritter, Jugram Haschwalth.


659Demolishing Chips

Haschwalth reveals his discovery of the chips Uryū has spread around the city.

As night falls, Uryū returns to the central palace, where Haschwalth confronts him while noting that he looks concerned. When Uryū claims that he also looks concerned, Haschwalth reminds him that he gains The Almighty at night before stating that witnessing the future brings nothing but worries. Uryū asks Haschwalth if he saw a vision of Uryū betraying him, only for Haschwalth to note that he did not even mention betrayal before revealing his discovery of the Demolishing Chips that Uryū had planted around the city.[1]

659Haschwalth confronts

Haschwalth confronts Uryū over his suspicious actions.

As Uryū claims to not recognize the chips, Haschwalth notes that they are extremely similar to the chips used by the Sanrei Glove that break down and diffuse Reishi before asking Uryū what he intends to achieve by planting them throughout Wahrwelt. Uryū states that this is an empty accusation, but Haschwalth unsheathes his sword while demanding that Uryū prove that he is not a traitor before blasting Uryū through a nearby wall. Frantically telling Haschwalth to wait, Uryū comes face-to-face with Ichigo Kurosaki.[2]

660Ichigo attacks

Ichigo prepares to battle with Uryū.

When Yasutora Sado and Orihime Inoue arrive as well, Haschwalth states that all the players have assembled and tells Uryū to kill his friends in order to prove his loyalty before noting that he already knows how he will respond as Uryū fires two Heilig Pfeil at Ichigo, who avoids them while unsheathing the longer sword of Zangetsu as he leaps into the air. Uryū fires another Heilig Pfeil at Ichigo, but Ichigo dodges it before clashing with Uryū as he demands to know if Uryū following Haschwalth's orders and fighting his friends is really what he wants. However, Uryū merely slashes at Ichigo with a Seeleschneider, which forces him back, before destroying the ground below his friends by firing the energy blade into it.[3]

660Haschwalth appears

Haschwalth confronts Uryū and his friends.

After his friends fall to the floor below, Uryū joins them, prompting Ichigo to demand to know why he has sided with the Quincy and is fighting them. After learning that Ichigo will beat him up regardless of whether or not he explains his motivations, Uryū gives his friends a Sun Key and explains how they can use it to return to the Human World using the Gate of the Sun before revealing that he intends to stay behind and destroy Wahrwelt using the Demolishing Chips. Ichigo protests this plan, but Uryū declares that there is no way to defeat Yhwach himself and that only his Reiatsu can activate the chips before telling his friends to leave, only for Haschwalth to confront them.[4]

661Uryu vs. Haschwalth

Uryū and Haschwalth begin their battle after Uryū's friends leave to confront Yhwach.

As Haschwalth approaches them, Uryū emphatically tells Ichigo to hurry to the Gate of the Sun while he holds off Haschwalth, only for the latter to reveal that he has already destroyed the Gate of the Sun connected to the Human World before telling Uryū that they will finish this before Yhwach awakens. However, though Ichigo believes that they have no choice but to fight Haschwalth, Uryū realizes that Yhwach currently does not have The Almighty due to his slumber and tells Ichigo to head to his chamber at the top of Wahrwelt before reassuring him that these will not be their last words. As Ichigo, Sado, and Orihime leave the room, Uryū notes that Haschwalth is not even trying to pursue them, prompting Haschwalth to claim that he already knows they will die. Forming his bow, Uryū claims that the future can be changed and uses Haschwalth's surprise at his change of heart as evidence before theorizing that Haschwalth does not yet have full control of The Almighty as the two begin battling.[5]


672Haschwalth attacks

Haschwalth attacks Uryū.

Some time later, Haschwalth notices that dawn has arrived, prompting a badly wounded Uryū to theorize that Haschwalth was not planning to fail to defeat him before dawn. However, Haschwalth claims that Uryū is a thoroughly defeated beast, which Uryū takes as a compliment due to the powerful nature of beasts, and reveals that he was never planning to defeat Uryū during the night because his natural ability is better suited for battle than The Almighty is. Proclaiming that this is especially true for opponents whose mistakes must be set right such as Uryū, Haschwalth fires an energy blast at a shocked Uryū.[6]

675Uryu's new bow

Uryū forms a new Heilig Bogen.

Soon afterward, as he stands over an incapacitated Uryū, Haschwalth explains how every man is shaped by what he believes to be right and wrong as he lives his life before noting that he cannot see Uryū's choices and shape within him. When Haschwalth asks him who he really is and if he truly desires to risk his life for his shallow human friends, Uryū claims that he will not be able to learn the answer to this question until he defeats the rest of the Wandenreich as he forms a new Heilig Bogen.[7] Questioning Haschwalth's interest in what kind of man he is, Uryū points out how he is buying time for Ichigo to reach Yhwach.[8]



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