Ura Hadō: Sannodō — Teppūsatsu
607Urahado Sannodo Teppusatsu
Kanji 裏破道: 三の道 — 鉄風殺
English Hidden Way of Destruction: Third Path — Iron Wind Murder
Technique Statistics
Type Hadō
Used By Shinigami

Ura Hadō: Sannodō — Teppūsatsu (裏破道: 三の道 — 鉄風殺, Hidden Way of Destruction: Third Path — Iron Wind Murder; Viz "Secret Hadō Number Three: Iron Wind Kill") is a Kidō spell.


The practitioner makes a chopping motion with their hand, creating an aura shaped like the head of a large dragon that blows a powerful wind from its mouth at the enemy. This technique is strong enough to shatter the dome formed by Yhwach's Blut Vene Anhaben.[1]





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