English Ultra/Beyond-Din/Clamor
Rōmaji Urutorafuragōru
Kanji ウルトラフラゴール
Technique Type Hōgyoku
User Sōsuke Aizen

Ultrafragor (ウルトラフラゴール, Urutorafuragōru; Spanish for "Ultra-Din/Clamor") is a technique used by Sōsuke Aizen in his Final Hōgyoku Fusion.


Enveloping his target with his wings, whose eyes and mouthed protrusions all point towards his target, Aizen uses the mouths to generate a ring of bluish-purple spiritual energy around the target. Upon creation, the ring reverberates with power and releases a shockwave. Three larger rings separate from the first in concentric formation and surround both Aizen and his target before solidifying and taking on a white color.[1]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 419, pages 16-18


Sōsuke Aizen Techniques

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