Uña Tirotear
Kanji 翼状爪弾 (ウニャ・ティロテアル)
Rōmaji Unya Tirotearu
English Spanish for "To Shoot A Nail"

Japanese for "Wing-Shaped Claw Bullet"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Aisslinger Wernarr

Uña Tirotear (翼状爪弾 (ウニャ・ティロテアル), Unya Tirotearu; Spanish for "To Shoot A Nail", Japanese for "Wing-Shaped Claw Bullet";Viz "Claw Wings") is a technique used by Aisslinger Wernarr while in his Resurrección.


While in his released form, Aisslinger has four arms which protrude from under the rear of his cloak. The fingers at the end of each of these arms can fire blasts of energy.[1] When using Uña Tirotear, Aisslinger extends all of his arms out diagonally from his body while extending each of his fingers out in the same manner, before rapidly firing blasts of energy from each of his fingertips. Aisslinger can fire 108 shots at once.[2][3]


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