Tijeras Neptunea
Kanji 海王鋏 (ティヘラス・ネプトゥネア)
Rōmaji Tiherasu Neputunea
English Spanish for "Neptunian Shears/Scissors"

Japanese for "Sea King Shears"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Findorr Calius

Tijeras Neptunea (海王鋏 (ティヘラス・ネプトゥネア), tiherasu neputunea; Spanish for "Neptunian Shears/Scissors", Japanese for "Sea King Shears")[1] is a technique used by Findorr Calius in his Resurrección, Pinza Aguda.


From the gigantic pincer which covers his right hand in his released form, Findorr can fire streams of high-pressure water with enough power to cleanly bisect solid matter, such as concrete, with relative ease.[1] By vigorously moving this claw back and forth in various directions while continually emitting water currents, Findorr can create a temporary offensive barrier in front of himself.[2]


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Findorr Calius Techniques

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