• Considering the anime ended with the Fullbring Arc, there's no way for anything regarding the anime to say that Hollow Ichigo is Zangetsu. Should the Zangestu page even say that the Hollow is Zangetsu, since that part of the manga never occurs, and most of the page regards the anime? It'd make more sense to have split the page entirely between anime info and manga info instead of outright saying "The inner hollow is actually Zangetsu", which nobody who's seen every episode of the anime yet no chapter of the manga will ever know. As far as the anime goes, the "Manifestation of Ichigo's Quincy power" is Zangetsu, will never be the Manifestation of Ichigo's Quincy power as far as the anime is concerned. and the wiki should reflect that.

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    • I'm not sure since when you've been under the impression that this wiki is anime-oriented, but it's not. We reference and frame articles using the manga first and foremost, with the anime ALWAYS coming secondary (see: how filler anime arc plot sections on character pages are listed as "non-canon"). It's not our or Kubo's fault that the anime stopped short of the final arc and hasn't started up again since, and on top of that the front page of this very wiki states outright that spoilers abound BECAUSE we use the manga material.

      Oh, and the Attack on Titan wiki-style of splitting pages between anime and manga is frankly confusing, given that there's really not much difference between the two (unlike certain anime/manga adaptations).

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