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Bleach 48 published!!!

it is called God is Dead

chapter 423 renamed Bleach my soul

Soulreaper1234 (talk) 12:20, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the chapter list. Page has been updated. ~~Ууp <talk> 10:41, December 4, 2010 (UTC)

Imaginary number 01. the unforgivens

Maybe should be under See Also until we see if it's actually put into a tankobon? WD Converse 00:18, December 4, 2010 (UTC)

Seems reasonable. If usual patter is followed then the next volume is out in 2 months time. ~~Ууp <talk> 10:41, December 4, 2010 (UTC)

suggestion add chapters - arcs sequence?

How about adding a chapters based on arcs section for e.g. (just like the episodes section)

chapter 1-70 shinigami agent arc

chapter 71-117 ss sneak entry arc

chapter 118-183 ss rescue arc

chapter 184-229 arrancar arrival arc

chapter 230-251 hm sneak entry arc

chapter 252-286 hm fierce fight arc

chapter 287-315 arrancar vs shinigami arc

chapter (108-97) past arc

chapter 316-340 decisive battle arc chapter 341-423 downfall arc

chapter 424-ongoing lost shinigami agent arc

the chapter stated are just estimation (need some confirmation)Soulreaper1234 (talk) 15:26, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

Those are anime arcs. They are not manga arcsGod (Pray) 16:35, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah I know thats only a suggestion I dont know what arcs title based on manga chapters, however, like they do in OPwikia & Narutowikia eg like this, or

Soulreaper1234 (talk) 19:06, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

As strange as it may sound we are not the OP wiki or the Naruto Wiki, we're the Bleach Wiki and we have a different way of organizing things. The chapters are compiled within volumes, as you can see in the article, so separating them by arcs would be a waste of space. The Anime article is divided that way because it has many different arcs, but doing such for the manga chapters is unnecessary. Lia Schiffer (Talk) 19:17, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

As Lia said, we are not (shocker) the One piece wiki or Naruto wiki. We do things how we believe they should be done, not how one piece wiki thinks it should be done. Looking at your examples, one piece wiki does it the same way we do, they just have a table of the arcs listed at the top. Naruto wikis is just a mess, they don't have chapters or volumes listed, they just have arcs with a short summary. Our chapters page is quite organized and there is no need to change it.--God (Pray) 19:30, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

It does not sound strange why it should be, even though the other big2 already done this thing, you just create the page or section & summarize the chapters according to manga arcs, Bleachwikia is not them yeah I know that, but the thing is if you do this other than summarizing the volumes ie 48 volumes at least we know what chapter/how many chapter in each manga arcs or maybe some people wanted to know if the episode has this number of arcs the chapter had how many already? Or maybe in Bleach theres no manga/chapter's arcs? Hope others would look into this & not feel offended mataku. Soulreaper1234 (talk) 19:40, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

Let's get something straight here, the manga arcs are The Shinigami Arc (Chapter 1 - 178) and then Arrancar Arc (Chapter 179 - 423). Maybe the Shinigami Arc can be divided into Agent of the Shinigami and Soul Society Arc but as far as I know, Kubo has never made any official statement about that arc. Only thing he has ever said was that he considers Chapter 179 onwards to be the Arrancar Arc. Now we could potentially put Volume 1 to Volume 20 under the sub heading "The Shinigami Arc" and then Volume 21 to Volume 48 under the sub heading "The Arrancar Arc". However, we can also put Volume 1 to Volume 48 under "Act 1" and "Volume 49 - onwards" under "Act 2" since Volume 49 is set 17 months after Volume 48 and is telling a brand new story. You see where I am going with this? Arbitrary grouping is, well arbitrary. Kubo himself groups the chapters by sharing names "Decide", "End of hypnosis" etc and he groups them by volumes. These are all reflected in our page. Let's not start making things-up when we don't really need to. Tinni (Talk) 20:15, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

I see what you are getting at - there is some merit in a small list saying what chapters are in the arc if it were possible - but we do not know that officially, so we can't do it. Aside from the start of the current arc and end of the Arrancar arc, I don't recall ever seeing what Kubo defines as the arcs (not sure where Tinni saw the start of Arrancar arc cited). Just fan names and the anime arc titles being applied to manga. We would need to have concrete proof of such things before doing anything and right now we don't. The site has enough problems without us starting to make things up. ~~Ууp <talk> 22:31, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

I see thats why theres no summary arc in regards the chapter manga, understood its non-canon. But how about the episodes/anime section, at least there's some needs to summarize the arc's anime with the chapter numbers & or volumes, I at least clicked 9 or 10 times each time refreshing my browser & scroll down many more times to actually try to find and jot down the chapters number referencing the episodes and or the entire arc (see above afraid its not that confirmed). The detailed episodes by episodes & arcs by arcs summary was great but it didnt stated from what chapters to chapters, further by doing this people could see which arcs were not fillers because it has no chapter number & would know which arcs made based on the manga/chapters, without doing the extra work. Soulreaper1234 (talk) 02:49, February 11, 2011 (UTC)

Capitalization of chapter names

I noticed that several chapter names are capitalized here. Is that really necessary? Furthermore, it is not consistent, just look at the "Deicide" chapters: half of them only capitalize the first letter ("Deicide"), the other half is completely capitalized ("DEICIDE"). This looks and feels a bit odd and like bad style. Please consider that even the title of the series itself is always spelled BLEACH in the manga, but referred to as Bleach here for style reasons. --Rh73 (talk) 09:22, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

The chapter titles should appear exactly as they are in the manga. So if Kubo writes them all in capitals, as with 439. KEEN MARKER, then they will be written as such here. I think the deicide chapters were not put like than when they were first added and have yet to be corrected. I will handle fixing that as it requires that redirects be altered as well. ~~Ууp <talk> 12:51, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

New Volume names?

Just to clarify... do we call them "tankobon volumes" or "graphic novels?" Because it seems to flip-flop a little bit. Avolling (talk) 17:02, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

They are interchangeable but they are usually referred to as tankobans or in graphic novel format.--GodPray  17:04,8/3/2011 

U.S Release Dates

I'm curious as to why someone decided to delete all the US release dates I put in. I sourced properly, no different than anyone sourcing the others (the links were to Amazon just as they had done with Bleach 41 and prior). I cited them properly as well and just went back to add in the ISBN US codes but now everything's gone. I would kindly like an explanation for the deletion of what I just did the past 20 minutes. Revan46 (talk) 06:43, May 18, 2012 (UTC)

That was my fault, I have been working on a bot that undoes edits automatically from an IRC feed of this wiki's recent changes based on certain criteria, your edits triggered a false alarm. I've restored them.--GodPray  06:52,5/18/2012 

Volume Names

Given the current policy regarding chapter titles (discussed above), should the same policy be adopted for the volumes? Namely, the titles being exactly as they are on the cover, given capitalization and punctuation. There are currently a number of inconsistencies among the articles as is. Whereas articles like those for end of hypnosis and THE BLOOD WARFARE reflect the names on their covers exactly, those for The Death and the Strawberry and ¡Mala Suerte! do not. I suggest that they all be corrected, if not for the sake of consistency. Mohrpheus (Talk) 04:12, August 21, 2012 (UTC)

I'd agree with this. If it is to be done for Chapter names, it should be done for Volume names.--GodPray  04:16,8/21/2012 
I am also in favor of this. I see no problem in renaming the articles as to how the original Japanese tankōbons name them; there would be a lot of renaming, but at least then things will be consistent, as Mohrpheus stated.
Glass Heart (GHeart) 06:50,8/21/2012 
Not a pressing issue, but at some stage it should probably be done. It is an awful lot of renaming, with pages and redirects both needing to be addressed if it was done, so I'd advise that if we go through with it, that we should do it by bot whenever it is done (and during a relatively quiet time of day as far as number of edits being made is concerned in order to avoid disruption as much as possible). ~~Ууp <talk> 13:08, August 21, 2012 (UTC)
My bot can handle the changing of the links no problem. If someone can just prepare a list of all the volumes that need renamed and what they need to be renamed to, I can put that into my bot and have it run through and change all links. In terms of a day when there is no activity, a Sunday or a Monday usually tends to be the quietest.--GodPray  16:21,8/21/2012 

As a heads up, I am going to start this now. It is going to be a massive undertaking, hundreds of pages will be affected. If you notice the bot doing anything wrong, you can stop it by leaving it a message on its talk page.--GodPray  16:11,8/25/2012 

Alright, I need some team effort, my bot is being stubborn and the movepages command is not working. So can someone move all the pages please? I have a list right here [1]--GodPray  18:18,8/25/2012 

I can. Launch without bot flag? 24px-Ponurak.pngPonurak 24px-Ponurak2.png 18:28, August 25, 2012 (UTC)
Done. 24px-Ponurak.pngPonurak 24px-Ponurak2.png 19:56, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

WSJ Chapter Release Dates for Bleach

Note: I was going to put these in each chapter page, but maybe it would be better if the admins could do it so they won't get deleted.

Weekly Shonen Jump Dates for Bleach (Starting from Lost Agent Arc)

Chapter 424: The Lost Agent 2010/11/01

Chapter 425: A Day Without Melodies 2010/11/08

Chapter 426: The Starter2 2010/11/15

Chapter 427: A Delicious Dissonance 2010/11/22

Chapter 428: The Known 2010/11/29

Chapter 429: Welcome to our EXECUTION 2010/12/06

Chapter 430: Welcome to our EXECUTION2 2010/12/13

Chapter 431: Welcome to our EXECUTION3 2010/12/20

Chapter 432: The Soul Pantheism 2011/01/03

Chapter 433: The Six Fullbringers 2011/01/17

Chapter 434: Berry in the Box 2011/01/31

Chapter 435: Panic in the Dollhouse 2011/02/07

Chapter 436: The Time Discipline 2011/02/14

Chapter 437: Swastika Break 2011/02/21

Chapter 438: Knuckle Down 2011/02/28

Chapter 439: KEEN MARKER 2011/03/07

Chapter 440: Mute Friendship 2011/03/14

Chapter 441: Spotlight Bracken 2011/03/21

Chapter 442: Battlefield Shallows, Otherfield Abyss 2011/04/04

Chapter 443: Dirty Boots Dangers 2011/04/11

Chapter 444: The Rising 2011/04/18

Chapter 445: The Dark Beat 2011/04/25

Chapter 446: The Dark Beat 2 2011/05/02

Chapter 447: Load 2011/05/16

Chapter 448: LOADING TO LIE 2011/05/23

Chapter 449: Not be a Drug 2011/05/30

Chapter 450: Blind Solitude 2011/06/06

Chapter 451: Welcome to Our EXECUTION 4 2011/06/13

Chapter 452: erosion/implosion 2011/06/20

Chapter 453: Mute Your Breathe Friendship 2011/06/27

Chapter 454: Sheathebreaker 2011/07/04

Chapter 455: End of the Bond 1 2011/07/11

Chapter 456: End of the Bond 2 2011/07/18

Chapter 457: End of Bond 3 2011/07/25

Chapter 458: End of All Bonds 2011/08/01

Chapter 459: Death & Strawberry 2 2011/08/08

Chapter 460: Deathberry Returns 2 2011/08/22

Chapter 461: Come Around Our Turn 2011/08/29

Chapter 462: Why me sad. 2011/09/05

Chapter 463: Extreme Divider 2011/09/12

Chapter 464: Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart 2011/09/19

Chapter 465: Bad Blood Exhaust 2011/09/26

Chapter 466: Screaming Invader 2011/10/03

Chapter 467: Luck Men 2011/10/10

Chapter 468: Raid as a Blade 2011/10/17

Chapter 469: Rag Lag Rumble 2011/10/24

Chapter 470: Pray for Predators 2011/10/31

Chapter 471: Pray for Predators 2 2011/11/07

Chapter 472: Razoredge Requiem 2011/11/14

Chapter 473: Enemies in the Dark 2011/11/21

Chapter 474: beLIEve 2011/11/28

Chapter 475: Shades of the Bond 2011/12/05

Chapter 476: The Lost 2011/12/19 (JPN) 01/30/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 477: The Lost 2 2011/12/19 (JPN) 02/06/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 478: The Lost 3 2012/01/04 (JPN) 02/13/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 479: Goodbye to Our XCution 2012/01/16 (JPN) 02/20/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 480: The Blood Warfare 2012/02/13 (JPN) 02/27/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 481: The Tearing 2012/02/20 (JPN) 03/05/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 482: Bad Recognition 2012/02/27 (JPN) 03/12/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 483: KriegsErklärung 2012/03/05 (JPN) 03/19/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 484: The Buckbeard 2012/03/12 (JPN) 03/26/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 485: Foundation Stones 2012/03/26 (JPN) 04/09/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 486: The Crimson Cremation 2012/04/02 (JPN) 04/16/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 487: Breathe But Blind 2012/04/09 (JPN) 04/23/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 488: Bond Behind Blast 2012/04/16 (JPN) 04/30/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 489: March of the StarCross 2012/04/23 (JPN) 05/07/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 490: March of the StarCross 2 2012/05/07 (JPN) 05/21/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 491: Toden Angel 2012/05/14 (JPN) 05/28/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 492: Balancer's Justice 2012/05/21 (JPN) 06/04/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 493: Light of Hope 2012/05/28 (JPN) 06/11/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 494: The Closing Chapter Part 1 2012/06/04 (JPN) 06/18/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 495: Bleeding Guitar Blues 2012/06/11 (JPN) 06/25/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 496: Kill The Shadow 2012/06/18 (JPN) 07/02/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 497: Kill the Shadow 2 2012/06/25 (JPN) 07/09/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 498: The Black Rescuer 2012/07/02 (JPN) 07/16/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 499: Rescuer in the Dark 2012/07/09 (JPN) 07/23/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 500: Rescuer in the Deep Dark 2012/07/16 (JPN) 07/30/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 501: Hear.Fear.Here 2012/07/23 (JPN) 08/06/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 502: Falling Soul 2012/07/30 (JPN) 08/13/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 503: Wrath as a Lightning 2012/08/20 (JPN) 09/03/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 504: Before the Shadows 2012/08/27 (JPN) 09/10/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 505: The Fire 2012/09/03 (JPN) 09/17/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 506: The Fire 2 2012/09/10 (JPN) 09/24/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 507: The Fire 3 2012/09/17 (JPN) 10/01/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 508: Like a Raging Fire 2012/09/24 (JPN) 10/08/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 509: Tenchi Kaijin 2012/10/01 (JPN) 10/15/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

Chapter 510: The Extinction 2012/10/08 (JPN) 10/22/2012 (US) WSJ Alpha

DranzerX13 (talk) 07:44, October 6, 2012 (UTC)

I am not sure what you are trying to do but we don't put release dates for individual chapters on pages, only volumes release dates.--God|Pray15:17,10/6/2012

Bleach Allstars character pictures

Because of obvious reasons As Nodt and Disroll Berci's profiles in OUT OF BLOOM AllStars contain their manga pictures. But this is not the point - the used pictures are from the same panels as in BLeach Allstars in the manga, which is very cool ihmo. Why can't we do the same in all Allstars picture section? I don't suggest we revert to the manga pictures, but we can use their anime equivalents if possible - for example Grimmjows picture in volume 24 is taken from chapter 213 and it's anime equivalent is episode 122. Of course manga pictures are also an option. And I think it would be more accurate that our current system (in Volume 5 Ishida's picture is taken from Arrancar arc, and so on.) What do You think? --Nekosama (talk) 17:59, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

For all intents and purposes, the point of the AllStars section is to introduce the characters that feature prominently in that volume. The pictures themselves do not matter, only the characters themselves. In addition, it would be very impractical, not to mention nearly impossible to attain every single AllStars profile image. It's better to just remain consistent with the profile pictures used in the characters' respective articles. Mohrpheus (Talk) 18:56, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Volume Summaries

I've noticed that starting at Volume 17 or so, all Volume pages no longer have a publisher's summary, despite having a section for it. All Volume pages before this one have a publisher's summary. Is there any reason why we don't have them? Kamikaze839 (Talk To Me!!) 15:17 08/3/2013 

Probably just that nobody took the time to do it after a certain point. The summaries appear to go in to the 20s though. ~~Ууp <talk> 15:56, August 3, 2013 (UTC)
From what it looks to me, they go up until 30 on both this page and the individual volume pages. I remember some time about half a month ago Xil was adding a few to this page, but beyond that, dunno. KenjiSchiffyTalk to meView my work16:01,8/3/2013 UTC
Schiffy's correct, the most recent volume to have a summary is Volume 30 - THERE IS NO HEART WITHOUT YOU. Everything from Volume 31 - DON'T KILL MY VOLUPTURE - onward is missing a volume summary. No idea why.--Xilinoc (talk) 00:13, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Correction title volume 1

This Discussion is Closed
Please do not edit this discussion.

The title of the fifth chapter should be changed to "BLINDA BLINDA" instead of "Binda Blinda" (in accordance with the third printing of 2005 of the first volume, English version)

ManjuManju (talk) 08:43, January 28, 2014 (UTC)ManjuManju

Is this the same as the Japanese, original version?? SunXia (Chat) 08:49,1/28/2014 
I don't know about the English page, but I have the raw page in front of me. It's Binda•blinda, which we already have. If I can find an image of the English page, then we can change that on the Volume 1 article where we list the Viz chapter names. KenjiSchiffyTalk to meView my work11:29,1/28/2014 UTC

Look Inside

In the Look Inside on Amazon it is in capital so it appears so thus far!! Feel free to go edit it!! SunXia (Chat) 12:48,1/28/2014 

Thank you, and done. KenjiSchiffyTalk to meView my work13:41,1/28/2014 UTC

Hi! Was just wondering which version is being used for this Chapter page, as it is clearly stated in the paper manga version that it is "BLINDA BLINDA" (which I have in front of me, goes for both the table of contents, as well as the title page of the manga itself, and yes, it is in capitals). Translations often differ, so that's why I wondering. 13-code ISBN I have is: 978-1-59116-441-8. The 10-code ISBN is: 1-59116-441-9, as stated in the Wiki table. It's the American version. ManjuManju (talk) 12:55, January 29, 2014 (UTC)ManjuManju

This has already been amended as I provided proof of this in the form of the image above!! Remember it's not enough to say something without proof but discussion closed as the issue has been resolved!! SunXia (Chat) 16:02,1/29/2014 

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