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Star Flash: Super Nova
563Star Flash Super Nova
Kanji スター・フラッシュ: スーパー・ノヴァ
Rōmaji Sutā Furasshu: Sūpā Nova
Technique Type Quincy
User Mask De Masculine

Star Flash: Super Nova (スター・フラッシュ: スーパー・ノヴァ, Sutā Furasshu: Sūpā Nova) is a technique of The Superstar used by Sternritter "S" Mask De Masculine while his Quincy: Vollständig is active.


Mask flies high into the sky and traces out a giant pentagram shape using the Reishi trail from his wings. Mask then flies above the pentagram and calls out the name of the attack, after which a massive star-shaped blast of energy crashes into the ground, creating an immense explosion upon impact.[1]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 563, pages 13-15


Mask De Masculine Techniques

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