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Spoiler Warning: Spoiler details follow.

This page does NOT give any encyclopedic information. Instead, it lists unsure information about unreleased chapters/episodes/tankōbon. Please, DO NOT add information just because you think it might happen. Spoilers are here to give information about the soon-to-be released media. Please also try to verify that the spoilers are real and are not fake to the best of your abilities before posting.


  • Last released chapter: 683. The Dark Side of Two World Ends [1]
  • Incoming chapter: 684.


Additional Information


680Color page

Finale of Bleach is approaching.

  • 2016's 31st issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announces that the Bleach manga is approaching its ending. The magazine teased the number of chapters before the manga would end, but purposefully obscured the number. [2]
  • A collection of information revealed about final manga arc, from Feb 2012, can be found at this blog.


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