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Spiritual Threads
Technique Type Zanpakutō Spirit
User Muramasa
Kōga Kuchiki

Spiritual Threads is a technique used by Muramasa and his master, Kōga Kuchiki.


Muramasa and Kōga can create invisible spiritual threads with hands on their ends, which they can manipulate to bind and immobilize their target. While Muramasa generates them by opening his hand toward his target,[1][2] Kōga generates them by pointing his spear at his target.[3] They can also use these threads to strangle their opponent.[4] While invisible to the naked eye, these threads can be seen in reflections, such as those of windows or water.[2][3] If the reflection is distorted, the threads will disappear.[5] Additionally, the threads will dissipate if Muramasa or Kōga lose their focus on their target, as demonstrated when they disappeared due to Muramasa coughing violently,[6] or if they are cut with sufficient force.[2] Kōga's variant of this technique immobilizes a target by capturing their shadow, and the threads can only be cut by the shadows of weapons instead of the weapons themselves.[3]


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