Slaughter Mode
English Slaughter Mode
Rōmaji Satsuriku Jōtai
Kanji 殺戮状態
Technique Type Human
User Ururu Tsumugiya

Slaughter Mode (殺戮状態, Satsuriku Jōtai) is a technique used by Ururu Tsumugiya.


Ururu Tsumugiya is able to sense unusual Reiatsu around her. If she senses danger from the source, such as an Arrancar she will react to it and automatically go on the offensive and attack them. This reaction can occur when she is sleeping, causing her to sleepwalk with the aim of eliminating those she perceives as a threat to herself and those around her. When this happens, the pupils of her eyes dilate unnaturally and her features are expressionless.[1][2]


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  2. Bleach anime; Episode 120

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