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Kanji 呼虚笛 (シルビード)
Rōmaji Shirubīdo
English Spanish for "Whistle"

Japanese for "Vocative Hollow Flute/Whistle"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Findorr Calius

Silbido (呼虚笛 (シルビード), shirubīdo; Spanish for "Whistle", Japanese for "Vocative Hollow Flute/Whistle")[1] is a technique used by the Arrancar, Findorr Calius.


By blowing upon either of the knife-like protrusions at the end of his sleeves, Findorr can emit a high-pitched whistling sound.[2] In doing so, he is able to call forth, from a different space to his own, a number of Gillian-class Hollows to the locations of his choosing.[1]


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Findorr Calius Techniques

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