Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book
Kanji 死神図鑑
Romaji Shinigami Zukan
Host Nominally Kon
Type Short gag stories
Episode Span Episode 53 - Episode 365

The Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book (死神図鑑, shinigami zukan), also known as the Illustrated Guide to Soul Reapers in the dub, is a short gag omake that runs at the end of most anime episodes.


The Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book (死神図鑑, shinigami zukan), sometimes also called the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book (Golden) (死神図鑑ゴールデン, shinigami zukan goruden), "Shinigami Cup", or "Shinigami Cup (Golden)" ("Illustrated Guide to Soul Reapers" in the English dub) is the default omake for the anime and runs during all episodes unless replaced by other end of episode omakes like the Arrancar Encyclopedia or special limited run omakes like the Substitute Shinigami Work Diary.

It started after Episode 54 with Kon announcing their start in Episode 53. Stories first told either through Volume Sketches or in the Colorful Bleach chapters have been animated as part of the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book series. It must also be noted that despite its name, it has aired segments completely devoid of Shinigami.



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