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Senpen Banka
English Enveloping Whirl of Myriad Flowers
Kanji 旋遍万花
Technique Type Shiba-Style Fireworks
User Ganju Shiba

Senpen Banka (旋遍万花, Enveloping Whirl of Myriad Flowers) is a technique used by Ganju Shiba.


While trying to evade his opponents or distract them, Ganju uses scorch ball-type fireworks to gain some time for himself to complete another technique. During Senpen Banka, which Ganju states is a Shiba Clan technique, he throws several Shakudama (灼玉, Scorch Ball) fireworks at his opponent.[1] This technique can lightly injure an officer-level Shinigami.[2]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 90, pages 6-9
  2. Bleach anime; Episode 28


Ganju Shiba Techniques

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