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Senjumaru Shutara
517Senjumaru profile
Race Soul
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society, Soul King
Profession Shinigami
Position Protecting the Soul King
Division Zero Royal Guard
Base of Operations Soul King Palace
Personal Status
Education N/A
Shikai Not Yet Revealed
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 516
Japanese N/A

Senjumaru Shutara (修多羅 千手丸, Shutara Senjumaru) is a member of the Royal Guard, holding the title "Great Weave Guard" (大織守, Ōorigami).[1]


Senjumaru has the appearance of a slender and very youthful woman with fair skin and long, black hair that is adorned at the back by a large golden ornament in the shape of a crescent moon with numerous small lines radiating outwards. She wears the standard Shinigami uniform beneath a white long-sleeved haori, over which she dons a further white robe fastened at the front near the center of her chest. She also wears a pair of extremely thick-soled okobo.[2]


Senjumaru is somewhat playful, providing a fanfare with several musical instruments upon the Royal Guards landing in Soul Society and taunting Mayuri Kurotsuchi. She is also focused on the mission they have been given, seeing it through while other Royal Guard members talk with each other and the Gotei 13.[3] She can be rather forceful as well, to the point of threatening, as she threatened to mutilate Renji if he did not take off his fundoshi so she could fully measure his body for new shihakushō.[4]


The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

The Royal Guard Arrive

Senjumaru providing the fanfare for the Royal Guard's entrance.

After the death of Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Senjumaru travels to Soul Society with the other members of the Royal Guard, where they are greeted by the surviving Gotei 13 captains and Ichigo Kurosaki.[5] As they emerge from the Tenchūren, she provides music for their procession by playing multiple instruments simultaneously.[6]

C517P13 Senshumaru with orbs

Senjumaru collects the injured Shinigami.

While the other members of the Zero Division discuss their plan to take Ichigo to the Royal Palace, Senjumaru leaves to retrieve Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, Lieutenant Renji Abarai, Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki and the broken Tensa Zangetsu. She carries them all back in large, translucent orbs, stating to those assembled that all of the ones on their list are present. She points to Ichigo, stating that only he remains. Captain Retsu Unohana objects to her seriously injured patients being taken out of Seireitei, but is rebuffed by one of the other Royal Guard. Seeing Tensa Zangetsu, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi asks Senjumaru if she broke into his laboratory to obtain it. Surprised by Mayuri's presence, she denies breaking into the lab, stating that she simply placed her hands on its door and it opened by itself. She then claims that the lock was easier to open than the last time she was there.[7]

As the Royal Guards, the injured Shinigami, and Ichigo Kurosaki finally arrive at the Soul King Palace, they leave the Tenchūren. While Ichibei Hyōsube is conversing with Ichigo regarding both the Ōken and Sōsuke Aizen, Senjumaru joins in and starts speaking to Ichigo with the fact that Aizen himself was scheming of creating life, defeating the Soul King, and become a god himself. She continues by stating that while Sōsuke Aizen is unmistakably the "personification of evil", the Quincy of the Wandenreich are even more wicked than him.[8]


Senjumaru in her palace.

After Renji and Rukia both fully recover, they eventually gather at her palace so she can take measurements of them. She forces them to strip down, and threatens to cut off Renji's "thing" if he doesn't willingly take off his fundoshi, causing Renji to reluctantly agree.[4] Later, Senjumaru helps Ichigo leave the Soul King Palace and travel to the Seireitei by manifesting a flight of spiral stairs for him to walk on.[9] The next day, when Yhwach, Jugram Haschwalth, and Uryū Ishida arrive at the palace, Senjumaru senses their presence.[10]

After Yhwach passes Kirinji, Senjumaru confronts him with several soldiers, noting that it has been awhile. She scolds him for showing up without an invitation and wonders if he has gotten overconfident for defeating Yamamato. She orders her soldiers to attack as Yhwach tries to pass her, but is shocked to see that they were unable to land a single blow. She observes another Sternritter emerge from the ground. [11]


Artificial Limbs: Attached to her back, Senjumaru has a number of elongated, puppet-like arms that can be manipulated with great dexterity, seemingly using just thought alone.[6] Despite their slender appearance, each arm possesses a considerable amount of physical strength, being able to bear the weight of a fully-grown Shinigami.[12]

Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: As a captain-class combatant and current member of the Royal Guard, Senjumaru has an immense amount of spiritual power.[13]

Ōken: As one of the Royal Guards, Shutara has the Ōken imparted in her bones, which grants her the ability to travel into and out of the Soul King Palace, as well as grant permission to others simply by willing it.[14]




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