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Sankt Altar
Kanji 簒奪聖壇 (ザンクト・アルタール)
Rōmaji Zankuto Arutāru
English German for "Saint Altar"

Japanese for "Usurpation Altar"

Technique Type Quincy
User Yhwach

Sankt Altar (簒奪聖壇 (ザンクト・アルタール), Zankuto Arutāru; German for "Saint Altar", Japanese for "Usurpation Altar") is a technique used by the Quincy, Yhwach.


Summoning five orbs of Reishi above his fingers, Yhwach transports them to the air around his opponent. These orbs each fire a beam of energy at the opponent, creating a large Quincy Zeichen with the target in the center, and steal power from the target to give to Yhwach himself.[1]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 608, pages 12-14


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