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Saigyoku Nijigasumi
Kanji 彩玉虹霞
English Swallowing Orb of Rainbow Mist
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Maki Ichinose

Saigyoku Nijigasumi (彩玉虹霞, Swallowing Orb of Rainbow Mist) is a technique of Maki Ichinose's Zanpakutō, Nijigasumi.


A multitude of twinkling lights appear and coalesce around an opponent, creating a huge sphere which engulfs everything within a significant radius. Anyone within this radius will potentially get caught in it. Immediately following this, the sphere collapses in on itself, using the compressed light to crush everything within it. Only a strong enough Reiatsu can push back and destroy this technique.[1]


  1. Bleach anime; Episode 98

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