Rugir del Dragón
Kanji 龍哮拳 (リュヒル・デル・ドラゴン)
Rōmaji Ryuhiru deru Doragon
English Spanish for "Roar of the Dragon"

Japanese for "Dragon Roar Fist"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Gantenbainne Mosqueda

Rugir del Dragón (龍哮拳 (リュヒル・デル・ドラゴン), ryuhiru deru doragon; Spanish for "Roar of the Dragon", Japanese for "Dragon Roar Fist")[1] is a technique used by Gantenbainne Mosqueda while in his Resurrección, Dragra.


Escalating his capability to collect and condense Reishi to its greatest degree, Gantenbainne generates a compact sphere in front of each of his fists before uniting these into an enormous singular orb.[1] As Gantenbainne draws back his right arm, the accumulated energy adopts the form of a dragon's head, which Gantenbainne propels toward an opponent by punching it. As a testament to this projectile's strength, despite being intercepted by Yasutora Sado's Brazo Izquierda del Diablo, the dissipated energy still possessed enough power to damage the surfaces which it came into contact with.[2]



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Gantenbainne Mosqueda Techniques

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