Raizer Deadly Magnum
Rōmaji Raizā Deddorī Magunamu
Kanji ライザー・デッドリー・マグナム
Technique Type Human
User Tatsuki Arisawa

Raizer Deadly Magnum (ライザー・デッドリー・マグナム, Raizā Deddorī Magunamu) is an attack used by Tatsuki Arisawa while in her Karakura-Raizer Beast persona.[1]


The Karakura-Raizer Beast Suit allows Tatsuki to manifest her Spiritual Power in the form of flames from her body which she utilizes to enhance her fists when she punches enemies and feet when she kicks them.[2] She can cause the energy she emits from her fists to explode after contact with the target, causing further damage.[1]


Anime Image Gallery


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