Kanji 雷炎弾
English Lightning Fireballs
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Shūsuke Amagai

Raiendan (雷炎弾, Lightning Fireballs) is a technique of Shūsuke Amagai's Bankai, Raika Gōen Kaku.


As Amagai points his sword forward, its blade begins to glow red hot. Condensing at the tip of the blade, a fireball grows before splitting apart into multiple smaller fireballs, which are all launched toward a target. Though initially spread out in a line, the fireballs converge on the target as they approach it, with the outer balls of fire noticeably curving inwards toward their target. Though Ichigo Kurosaki easily dodged the fireballs before they hit him, the attack ruptured the ground upon impact.[1]


  1. Bleach anime; Episode 189


Shūsuke Amagai Techniques

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