Pulsera Cuerno
Kanji 角輪 (プルセラ・クエルノ)
Rōmaji Purusera Kueruno
English Spanish for "Bracelet Horn/Antler"

Japanese for "Horn/Antler Ring"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Emilou Apacci

Pulsera Cuerno (角輪 (プルセラ・クエルノ), purusera kueruno; Spanish for "Bracelet Horn/Antler", Japanese for "Horn/Antler Ring")[1] is a technique used by the Arrancar, Emilou Apacci.


Apacci throws either of her chakram-like Zanpakutō, which normally encircle her wrists, as if it were a projectile, with the chakram rotating at tremendous speed.[2] While this technique possesses enough strength to tear effortlessly through human flesh, it can still be blocked or even stopped using sufficient force.[3]


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