Pluma Viento
Kanji 餓翼風盾 (プルーマ・ビエト)
Rōmaji Purūma Biento
English Spanish for "Feather Wind"

Japanese for "Ravening Wing Wind Shield"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Abirama Redder

Pluma Viento (餓翼風盾 (プルーマ・ビエト), Purūma Biento; Spanish for "Feather Wind", Japanese for "Ravening Wing Wind Shield") is a technique used by Abirama Redder while in his Resurrección, Águila.


In his Resurrección form, Abirama has a red, bird-like appearance with sharp talons and large, heavy wings which he uses for flight.[1] In this form, he can ward off, disperse, or block attacks with a flap of his wings.[2]


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Abirama Redder Techniques

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