Plato Colmillo
Kanji 牙盾 (プラート・コルミージョ)
Rōmaji Purāto Korumījo
English Spanish for "Plate Tusk"

Japanese for "Tusk Shield"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Tesra Lindocruz

Plato Colmillo (牙盾 (プラート・コルミージョ), purāto korumījo; Spanish for "Plate Tusk", Japanese for "Tusk Shield")[1] is a technique used by the Arrancar, Tesra Lindocruz.


While the circular portion of his Zanpakutō is typically hollow, Tesra can solidify the interior of this ring at will by materializing a barrier of thick Reiatsu, creating a small shield which can be used to block incoming attacks.[1] Despite its fragile appearance, the resulting shield is remarkably tough, completely nullifying a desperation attack made by Yasutora Sado while using Brazo Izquierda del Diablo.[2]


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