Kanji 蛇殻砦 (ミューダ)
Rōmaji Myūda
English Spanish for "Molting"

Japanese for "Snake-Husk Fortress"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Cyan Sung-Sun

Muda (蛇殻砦 (ミューダ), myūda; Spanish for "Molting", Japanese for "Snake-Husk Fortress"; Viz "Snake Shell Fortress") is a technique used by Cyan Sung-Sun of the Tres Bestias.


Sung-Sun sheds her skin, which proceeds to expand and envelop a dome-shaped area around her, rendering the space invisible and concealing those within.[1] The technique works through a combination of optic camouflage and a barrier of Reiatsu, which blocks sensory abilities.[2]


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