Misil Diente
Kanji 双射牙 (ミシル・ディエンテ)
Rōmaji Mishiru Diente
English Spanish for "Missile Tooth"

Japanese for "Twin-Shot Fangs"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Ggio Vega

Misil Diente (双射牙 (ミシル・ディエンテ), mishiru diente; Spanish for "Missile Tooth", Japanese for "Twin-Shot Fangs")[1] is a technique used by Ggio Vega in his Resurrección, Tigre Estoque.


After tilting his head back in order to protract the saber-toothed fangs of his released mask, Ggio is able to propel the fangs violently forward with a flick of his head.[1] These fangs are shot with enough force to easily pierce the side of a building, allowing them to restrict an opponent's movements by pinning them to a surface.[2]


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