Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Rebel group formed by him, Patros and Aldegor
Previous Partner Patros and Aldegor
Resurrección Erizo
First Appearance
Anime Episode 136
Japanese Hisafumi Oda
English Michael Sinterniklaas
Spanish N/A

Menis (メニス, Menisu) is an Arrancar who sides with Patros in his plan to dethrone Sōsuke Aizen.[1]


Menis is a youthful, effeminate Arrancar. He has spiked red hair with the end in a braid and amber eyes, his outfit consists of a sleeveless blouse that exposes his mid-drift, and his sash hangs below his left hip. What remains of his Hollow mask is a jaw which rests on the upper-left side of his head.


Like most Arrancar, Menis is arrogant, boastful, and rather impulsive, as he released his Zanpakutō immediately upon challenging Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto. He evidently agreed with Patros's perspective of a Shinigami leading the Hollows, and struck the fake Ulquiorra without hesitation or remorse, showing how sadistic he really is.[1]


Arrancar Arc

Menis sides with Patros in his plan to steal the Hōgyoku. When Ulquiorra Cifer shows up to stop them Menis attacks him from behind. After the three leave him for dead (not knowing that it was Aizen's Zanpakutō disguised as Ulquiorra) they head over to the Real World. While Patros takes off to find Kisuke Urahara, Menis and Aldegor engage in battle. Menis releases his Zanpakutō and takes on both Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto.[1]

After losing and running away from battle, he meets back with Patros only to be frozen and shattered away.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Sonído: Menis uses Sonído when he attacked the fake Ulquiorra in Las Noches.[1]


Erizo (エリッソ, Erisso; Spanish for "Hedgehog"): Menis's Zanpakutō had a green handle with a guard that had a half circle on both sides


Menis in his released form

  • Resurrección: It is released with the command "Stab" (刺せ, sase). In his released form, Menis grows three segmented, tail-like appendages that have sharp ends to attack with. Menis appears to have the ability to lengthen these appendages to strike enemies from close and long ranges. The remains of his Hollow mask move to cover his entire face.[1]


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