Juppon Jidanda Matsuri
English Ten Buffalo-Red Strikes Festival
Kanji 十本兕丹打祭
Technique Type Shinigami
User Jidanbō Ikkanzaka

Juppon Jidanda Matsuri (十本兕丹打祭, Ten Buffalo-Red Strikes Festival) is a technique used by Jidanbō Ikkanzaka.


Utilizing one of his enormous axes in conjunction with his immense physical strength, Jidanbō delivers a number of powerful downward strikes to an opponent in quick succession before culminating with a single devastating, horizontal blow. Contrary to the technique's name, the exact number of strikes differs greatly because Jidanbō has difficulty counting to ten, causing him to lose track easily and often repeat the same number multiple times. Despite this, Jidanbō still refers to the final strike as "ten" (十, ).[1]


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  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 73, pages 7-11


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